Sunday, 21 November 2010

Press Release Comenius 19th November 2010

The latest meeting for our Comenius Sports for Peace Project with CEIP Francisco Giner de los Rios, Seville, Adolph- Dieterweg- Schule, Weidenhausen and SS Mary and John CE Primary School, Oxofrd took place in Weidenhausen from 16th to 20th November after an adventurous start. The Spainish team, arrived safely, if a little late, but the Enlgish teams' flight was cancelled due to bad fog and Mrs Pip Murray and Miss Sarah Danes were forced to spend the first night in London instead of Marburg.

Whilst waiting for their collegeus to arrive, the Spainish and German teachers shared the logo designs for t-shirts and showed the games the children have created for the mini Olpympics due to take place in Oxford in June 2011. They spent time visting the classes and enjoyed meeting the children again.

After being collected safely from Margurg on Wednesday afternoon by Viktor Schneider, the school caretaker, the Comenius teachers were reunited at ADS Weidenhausen and work began on reviewing the takes already completed and planning the next stage of the project.

On Thursday morning the Spanish and English teachers enjoyed the presentation given by the German pupils of the activities they had been working on in the school during the last few months. The event began with music played by the school band and the the National anthems of the three countries were played. The students shared their research into the history of the Olympic games. This was followed by another band who performed 'Country Road', and then year 3 performed Little Red Riding Hood, a traditional fairy tale from the region, written by the Brothers Grim who lived in Mraburg.

Afterwards the students showed one of the ball games they had devised, consistng of two teams and the aim was to knock down the cones on the opposite teams bench. After this exhibition the girls showed traditional and modern dances. Later two more games wer shown.

Presents were exchanged between the three schools, and finally the logos designed by the winning children from each of the three schools were shown.

The finale of the morning was a performance of the traditional English folk song 'What shall we do with the Drunken Sailor?'

The presentation was followed by a tour of the region so that the visiting teachers could see the catchment area of the school.

After a typical coffee and cakes in a cafe, the teachers were taken to visit the WESO factory where they learnt about the production of cast iron products. They learnt that the factory is the major employer of the area and that students from the secondary school become apprentices. The teachers were very impressed by all they saw and the time given to the visit by Herr Michael Kreide.

On our return to school that evening work continued on planning the next stage of the project. Dates for the visit of the English children to Seville and German children to Oxford were finalised, and details of where to stay and how to organise the teams were discussed.

The next day time was spent working on the t-shirt logos, the blog and writing this press release. The visiting teachers really appreciated the support and continuing friendship of the host school and the opportunity to develop understanding between the three schools.

By Mrs Murray

Friday, 19 November 2010

Have a look around Spain!

Click the image above to find out more about Seville.

Have a look around Germany!

Click the picture above to find out more about the area of Marburg.

Click the picture below to find out more about the school in Germany.

We are in Germany!

Hello. I am currently sitting in the lovely ICT room at Adolph Diesterweg Schule (Germany) being taught how to use the Blog (again!). We had a bit of a hard time getting here but now we are here things are going well. We have got a lot sorted and I am now very excited about the visits to the others countries by the different children. Mrs Murray is writing a more detailed account of what we have done so keep posted!

See you when I get back!

Miss Danes

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Hello Friends

We are currently with our friends in Spain and have been joined by our friends from Germany.We are enjoying finding out lots of new things and cant wait to share them with you on our return.

Mrs Griffiths
Miss Wooldridge
Ms Geran-Haq
Ms Blackwell
Miss Collison

Monday, 5 April 2010

Making bread for energy for athletes !

In Year 1 at SSMJ we made soda bread to go with our soup. This is a meal to keep any athlete warm and full of energy on a cold summer's day in Britain.

How we made soup in Year 1 in St Mary & John

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Descriptions of Oxford

Here are some beautiful descriptions of Oxford written by children in year five. We hope you enjoy them!
Miss Hilton

I looked out the window and saw the Bodleian library, big and grand. I saw the narrow streets lined with daffodils and tulips. I was looking at a spring day soon to be summer.

South parks was full of boys running around playing football and girls cart wheeling around the pitch. Mum’s trying to lay out a picnic while cradling a baby’s. Dads struggling over the tangled up string of a kite.

We went on an autumn walk. There were lots of colourful leaves everywhere we looked. Red, brown and gold. We sat on the dusty bench and got out our sketch pads, pencils and paints. Then we got to work.

I peered outside and saw hundreds of tiny soft snowflakes fluttering to the ground. The silence is wonderful. But suddenly my moment of peace is over and I see my little sister screaming as she runs around in the snow.


Oxfords evenings
The best part of the day was the evenings. When one could peer out of the window into the dark sky. Even as it drizzled or rained the feeling was magical. Sometimes you could see the moon through the maze of buildings. Often though all you could see were clouds drifting by. Then it wasn’t so magical but was still very enjoyable, those moments you couldn’t share, every body had them but they would not be shared the spires of oxford were high in the sky for a mooned or so every night the dreaming spires glinted silver in the moon light then the moon beam moved and the spires are grey as night. After that the people of oxford got tired and half a sleep already went to bed.
By Florence

Oxfords mornings
I feel free, calm and happy in the morning. When nobody is awake and no one is out. Cars drift slowly and silently the owners only half awake. No busses. No noises. Till suddenly a horn blows and the fuss and bustle have started. Busses hissing to a stop, people every where rushing to work. Alarm clocks
Ringing in every house. That’s when the day starts. Mothers are calling their children out of there dreams of frolic and fun. Fathers pulling on their jackets as they run out side. Calls and cries and kisses good bye that is when the day is ripe.

By Florence


A cool breeze blowing against your cheek. Slightly to cold to be pleasurable. Fresh green grass stretching out ahead of you. Seemingly going on for miles. Scattered trees dotted around the park. Some thin and spindly some (newly planted) some strong and sturdy, towering high. A low bustle of traffic. Honking horns and screeching brakes. Small children. Screaming, laughing, playing it. Peering into the distance you see the breath taking view of the dreaming spires. Stretching proudly up into the sky. So clear, yet far away.

The cafes are busy with long, long queues. Files are pushed hastily aside as fathers run for their lunch breaks. Dirty washing left dirty as mothers run to put on dinner. Children moan “I’m hungry”, as they struggle through their lessons. Oxford is getting ready for lunch. And then the time comes. Mothers are satisfied with a very green salad and sit down to eat. Fathers have found cafes with the presumably shortest queue. Children tuck in to that long awaited school dinner. Oxford are eating lunch.


A peaceful rush of water. Willow trees droop silently into the river as if hiding something behind their long, bendy hair. It’s your own enclosed, private world. A beautiful piece of music comes drifting towards you. Someone is having a party on their boat. The rush of water is louder now. You’re nearing a loch. The man turning the handle is old and frail. He has a long beard. Suddenly your boat seems to be sinking but you realise it’s only because you’re lowering so as to enter the next part of the river. Now you are back in your own private world. Just you, the peaceful rush of water and the silent willow trees.